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December 21, 2016
Dog Tricks

Dog trick: Bang Another variation of rollover is to have the pup stay on its side or back and play possum. Firstly, try this from the down position. Say “Bang,” point your finger like a pistol, move the lure as above, but as soon as the pup is on its side or back, say “Stay” […]

December 20, 2016
Teaching Your Dog Tricks

Dog trick: Rollover Have your pup sit and lie down, and then, keeping the food lure extremely close to the pup’s body, instruct the pup to “Rollover,” and move the lure backwards along one side of its muzzle to the top of its neck and over its shoulders. It may help if you tickle the […]

December 19, 2016
What not to do to pets during the Festive Season

As you read this, the festive season and the New Year are just around the proverbial corner. Therefore today we will again take a pause from the ‘science’ associated with geriatric pet care. Instead we will advise on what not to do to pets during the festive and post-festive seasons. Actually, there are many who […]

December 15, 2016
Quote for today

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." L. Sabia

December 14, 2016
Burenwag Janine available
December 14, 2016
Overview on Yorkies Temperament

Overview of Temperament and Personality The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular dogs, not only because of their very cute appearance, but also because of their unique and charming personalities. While, in general, the Yorkie is a very happy and amusing companion, each dog does have their very own unique personalities. Each Yorkie […]

December 14, 2016
Golden Retriever Exercise

The Golden Retriever needs to be taken on a daily, brisk, long walk, jog or run alongside you when you bicycle, where the dog is made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as instinct tells a dog that the leader leads the way and that leader needs to be the human. […]

December 13, 2016
Yorkie Crate Training

Yorkshire Terrier Crate Training Owners should remember that crates are to be used for temporary situations. However, it is a good idea to allow your Yorkie to become used to his or her crate, so that when they must be placed inside, they can handle this without stress. You will want your dog to be […]

December 12, 2016
Golden Retriever Temperament & Personality

Personality The Golden Retriever is the classic family companion. They are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered, great with kids, and kindly to strangers. They are good watchdogs, but make lousy guard dogs as they love people far too much to be effective. Golden Retrievers are always at the top of their obedience classes and are often […]

December 10, 2016
Seven tips to reduce Golden Retriever Shedding

Seven tips to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding If you love your Golden’s overall sweet and gentle temperament as well as its hallmark beautiful coat, you will learn that it’s not at all hard to control your Golden’s shedding using just a few natural methods. All it takes is a good regular routine, lots of patience […]


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