Five reasons dogs LOVE being followers

July 30, 2019

Five reasons dogs LOVE being followers
1. Follower dogs feel secure because they know someone else is in charge.
Your dog craves a leader who has everything under control. Then HE doesn't have to worry about trying to figure out our complicated world. Instead of feeling stressed as they struggle to control you and everything in their environment, they can relax and enjoy life while YOU handle all the decisions.

2. Follower dogs feel secure because everyone likes them.
Since follower dogs are so willing to listen to you, it's easy to teach them good behaviors. Their positive behavior gets noticed and praised by other people. Dogs recognize smiles and appreciative tones of voice.

3. Follower dogs feel secure because they can go more places.
Well-behaved follower dogs are easy to bring along when you go visiting and are often allowed to remain in places where a dog causing a ruckus would be kicked out.

4. Follower dogs feel secure because they know the consequences of everything they do.
Follower dogs know which behaviors bring them praise, petting, and rewards, and which behaviors bring scolding. This clear distinction helps them make good choices of which behaviors to do, and which behaviors not to do.

5. Follower dogs feel secure because they know what your "human sounds" mean.

Like anyone who learns a foreign language, dogs feel confident and empowered when they understand what you're saying.How to teach your dog that you're the leader and he's the follower
Me: "You demonstrate leadership by interacting with your dog in specific ways – small actions that equal guidance and direction.

Whenever you do anything with your dog, even just walking through the kitchen, or petting him, or speaking to him.... he is busy judging your body language, your tone of voice, and how you respond when he does X or Y.

All of those seemingly little things are very important to your dog. They're the clues he uses to draw conclusions about you, and to decide whether you're worthy of respect or not.
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