What type of Home Encourages a Well Behaved Yorkie?

August 10, 2019

What type of Home Encourages a Well Behaved Yorkie?
At any age, there are elements in the home that will help a Yorkshire Terrier be well behaved and happy. The key is to provide an environment which makes the dog feel safe and allows the dog to know where they fall in the "pack".

Let's first discuss the environment. What will encourage a dog to be well balanced?

Having a daily schedule. Dogs are most happy when they know what to expect and when. This offers them security and the feeling of knowing that they are loved. A Yorkie should have each day consist of:
1.A Waking time (A day runs smoother when your dog wakes at the same time as you do)
2.Feeding times (Following proper feeding schedules keeps a dog happy and establishes you as the leader)
3.Grooming times (for brushings, baths, dental care and nail care)
4.Exercise times (for robust bursts of exercise)
5.Walking times (for lighter exercise and to have the opportunity to explore the neighborhood with you)
6.Play times (both independent with their dog toys and interaction play time with you and other family members)
7.Quiet time (for naps and to relax after exercising, etc)
8.Bed time (knowing what time they are expected to relax and retreat to their bed helps to keep everyone happy
The Yorkshire Terrier breed is known for their independence, but this does not mean that this dog wants to live on its own, even could or would be happy doing so!

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