Yorkshire Dental Care Part 3

July 8, 2019

****How to Give a Thorough Brushing*****
Never use human toothpaste. A dog can swallow a lot of paste during the cleanings and the fluoride which is found in human tooth paste can wreak havoc in a dog's system. Some of them can be toxic, others may cause digestive issues or at the very least an upset stomach to varying degrees. The actual fluoride levels and polishing elements are not made with canines in mind and will not work as well on them as with you.A dog finger tooth brush should be used if a Yorkie is just starting off and not used to things yet. The goal will be to work your way up to a quality 3-sided toothbrush that is sized for toy breed dogs. The right brush will have the correct textured bristles to remove build-up and also be sized correctly, since a Yorkie has a small mouth and does not have the ability to open the jaw very wide.

Begin at the earliest age possible. If your puppy is really putting up a fuss, you may wish to begin by just allowing him to become used to having your finger in his mouth without any paste. For the first week, set aside 10 minutes per day to have your dog sit down with you. Rub your finger all along your dog's teeth. Be sure to touch all of the teeth. When your Yorkie sits still and behaves, reward him with happy praise, hugs and a small treat. Learning to have the mouth manipulated is all part of touch desensitization and most dogs learn quickly.
You may find that a young puppy is very hyper and will not want to sit still. However, if you remain constant and do this each day, he or she will learn that when you say "Tooth Time" or whatever command you do use, that it is time to sit close to you and have their teeth touched. Be sure to brush all of the teeth.

You should brush your Yorkshire Terrier's teeth for approximately 3 minutes; this will ensure that all spots have been thoroughly scrubbed. #burenwagyorkies #yorkielove


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